Huge PLR Sale by Coach Glue!

Coach Glue is a great resource for small business owners who need content to get started – whether it is a coaching business or a blog. They have a premium PLR membership. PLR means Private Label Rights – they write the content, you modify it to suit your needs and put your name on it!

Right now they have a promotion you should consider investing in. See details here.

They will be retiring over 35 awesome items on our site next week (starting April 1st).

Before that happens, they want to give you the chance to get ALL of the wonderful planners, workbooks, and workshops below before they are gone.

Through March 31st, you can still get access to ALL of the downloads below in their VIP program but after that, they will begin removing the option to buy them from the site and new VIPs will not get them. They’ll be gone.

So, if you’ve been thinking about joining this awesome VIP program – NOW is the time to sign up for the biggest bang for your buck.

If you sign up before midnight on March 31, 2019 you will get all of the planners, workshops, and teach your tribe packages listed on the sales page – AND everything they release the next year.

If you sign up after March 31st, you’ll get 35 less items because they will have been retired.


  1. Client Onboarding Planner
  2. Blog Content Planner
  3. How to Protect Your Energy with Boundaries Planner
  4. Quiz Planner
  5. Private Coaching Planner
  6. Virtual Book Tour Planner
  7. Showcase Your Expertise Planner
  8. Book Bestseller Launch Planner
  9. Evergreen Webinar Planner
  10. Close Sales with Facebook Messenger Bots Planner
  11. Content Promotion Planner
  12. Market Your Business at Conferences & Events Planner


  1. Your 12 Month Marketing Calendar: Plan Your Programs, Content and Promotions for an Entire Year
  2. 30 Day Business Planning Bootcamp
  3. How to Host a Transformative Private Retreat for Your Elite Clients
  4. How to Create a Low Maintenance Monthly Club for Recurring Income
  5. Social Media Bootcamp
  6. 4 Week Six-Figure Coaching Bootcamp
  7. Business Management Bootcamp
  8. Build Your 6-Figure Low-End Product Suite
  9. How to Hire & Manage a Team
  10. Relationship Marketing: Connections, Client Loyalty, and Cash
  11. Beautiful & Smart Business Branding for Coaches
  12. How to Turn Your Book into an Online Course


  1. 21 Days to Gratitude for More Abundance and Clarity
  2. 7 Ways to Manifest More Money in your Business
  3. 7 Top Ways to Market Your Self-Published Book
  4. How to Recognize & Heal from Business Burnout
  5. 7 Ways to Be a Better Leader to Your Community
  6. 7 Ways to Profit from Other People’s Facebook Groups
  7. 7 Ways to End Your Fear of Public Speaking Online and Off
  8. 7 Steps to Help you Get Featured on Hot Podcasts
  9. 7 Ways to Raise Your Rates
  10. 7 Strategies to Create Profitable Joint Venture Partnerships
  11. 7 Ways to Scale Your Business to the Next Level

When you sign up as a VIP member, not only will you get all of those, but you’ll also get the past year’s content and the upcoming year’s content, too! It’s really an incredible value.

Click Here to Check Out the VIP Program Now

All the best,

Kerri Lynn

Note: The products promoted here are through an affiliate link. That means if you buy anything I’ll make a commission. But I only promote products that I think will help you!

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