5 Hidden Costs of Aging

As we get older our health needs change and as our health needs change, we may need to modify our homes to keep living there. This article by Nancy Kupka, PhD RN, with Walgreens, outlines five hidden costs that you may encounter if you’re a senior and you want to stay in your current home as long as possible.

I know a lot of us never think it will happen to us, but you never know when your health will change. In some areas there are programs to help seniors modify their homes as their health needs change. Where I live there is a long waiting list for a nursing home bed unless you are in crisis. Well, who wants to be in crisis to get into a long term care facility?



New Facts about Women and Heart Attacks

I remember attending first aid and CPR training a few years ago. There were a few paramedics there as well. When we reviewed how to treat heart attacks, one of the paramedics said that women were “the worst” when it came to heart attacks. I asked him why and he told me that most women dismiss the pain and symptoms of a heart attack if they have had children as nothing compares to the pain of childbirth!!

A recent article, “Why heart attack symptoms are often missed in women“,  highlights the findings of a recent study on women’s health. Signs of heart attack are often missed in women if their symptom are atypical. Also, young women who have experienced a heart attack have a greater risk of mortality than a man the same age.

Please read the article and pay attention to your body. You may just learn something that saves your life!

Are You Ready for Retirement?

One of the reasons I am interested in starting an on-line business is the uncertainty of retirement. I have a few older friends  who worked until they were 68 years old because they are single women and their retirement needs are different than a married woman who has a greater pension income with their husband’s pension.

Tom Koulopoulos, author of 10 books and founder of the Delphi Group, recently wrote in Inc. Magazine that Retirement is Dead, and seniors will start a Third Act, where they can create an ongoing revenue stream, which can be scaled up or down as needed for the rest of their lives. Additionally, this retirement gig will also be an avenue to use the knowledge, wisdom, connections, and perspective that was acquired through a lifetime in a meaningful  way.

This article validates and supports my vision to start a profitable business that will augment my retirement income and have some fun too!

The Trick to Getting New Customers – Appeal to Their Emotions

How do you get customers to buy from you? This article in Entrepreneur Magazine suggests that despite the millions of dollars of research that goes into marketing analysis, people are fundamentally irrational when they shop.

Research by Clicktale shows that consumer buying behaviors are heavily influenced by a person’s impulses, behaviors and moods. The behavior of a consumer can change from day to day, a good or bad mood can directly impact how brand interactions are perceived. A positive customer experience one day might be perceived as negative the next — all because of the customer’s changing mood.

What does this mean for business owners? You have to always provide excellent service and appeal to consumers in a variety of ways and several different times because you never know what your customer’s mood will be when you have contact with them.

Reading and Business

I’ve read that the top business people are avid readers. Today’s article in Inc. Magazine supports this theory suggesting that by reading the classics will lead to better business decisions. You can read about it here.

There are great lessons for entrepreneurs and business people alike. I have always liked to read fiction over non-fiction so I guess this means I have the potential to be a great business woman!