Last Day for BC Stack! Don’t Delay.

Hey Hey Hey!!!

Today’s the last day for BC Stack 2018.

Don’t delay, after today it will be all over for another year.

$37 for 65 programs or services from digital leaders across the globe.

Probably more info than you can get through in a year.

This a fantastic deal with lots of great stuff.

Check it out here.

Once you buy, you’ll have 60 days to download everything.

There is even a handy checklist to ensure that you don’t miss anything or get overwhelmed.


Two Days Only!

This is the 5th year for BC Stack and every year it is completely different.
There are 65 products . . . let me tell you about a few:
 Silvio Porcellana has created custom chat bots for big companies. He has created a plan for BC Stack.
Miral Satter from Bibilocrunch comes entirely from the viewpoint of “authors”. She has new ideas, new thoughts from outside.
Johann Noguiera is a business builder. He takes businesses that are working and scales them big. There are probably 20 things in his program you never thought about before.
Chris Hyde is a “lean thinking” expert. Lean Thinking is the kind of thing
you should be interested in.
Do you want in? Go here to order.
Still not convinced?
AnneMarie Cross’s “interviewing for podcasters” course is included.
Kelly McCausey helps people come out of their shell.
John Colley is giving you access to his Copywriting Masterclass. He is a professor at the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst, UK. He teaches writing for a living.
Amanda Ruiz, a clothing designer in the UK, who has mastered getting PR for her own company that she started doing it for others. She’s provided an entire class on getting media.
You should buy BCStack 2018. Here’s the link.
 It’s only $37 and after Friday it goes away.
There is so much stuff I haven’t got through it all yet.