Ends Tomorrow! Coach Glue All Access VIP Early Bird Deal!

It all ends today!

When you become an All Access VIP member, their goal for you is that you earn back your investment as quickly as possible and then start earning profit right away.
Here are some ways to earn your investment back – PLUS how to earn it back this

Here’s how you can use the PLR…

1. Your Special Planner.Want something that’s a one-time set it and forget it passive income? Take one of our done-for-you planners that you’ll receive and customize it with your information. Record a quick training video about how to use it. Create a short sales page and you’re set. If you want to add more value, interview someone who is
awesome at doing whatever the planner you chose is about and add that as a bonus
that your fans can ONLY get by buying the planner.
Sell just 37 planners at $27 each and you’ll pay for your VIP club membership.
$27 x 37 customers = $999 (VIP Paid for plus $2 profit)

2. Your Group Coaching Program for Recurring Income.Take the Teach your Tribe
package (which come with a script) and record a call or webinar each month and
provide the accompanying workbook and calendar (that also comes in the package) for your members to work through. Add a Facebook group for members only and you’re
ready to open it up
Sell ONE spot at $97/month to pay for your All Access VIP program AND be making a profit.
$97 x 1 member x 12 month = $1164 (VIP Paid for plus $167 profit)

3. Your Own Membership Site.
If you don’t want to record training, you can take our reports and customize them with your own logo. Then turn them into pdf documents and create your own Academy with valuable training. Sell FOUR spots at $27/month to pay for your All Access VIP
program and start making a profit, too.

$27 x 4 members x 12 month = $1296 (VIP Paid for plus $299 profit)

4. Hold your First (or Next) Digital Workshop.Take one of the huge 4-module
workshops and create a digital ecourse or bootcamp. You can use the training and
powerpoint slides from each module to record a webinar/teleseminar/video, or you can have your clients join you for live online events. Offer them the worksheets, exercises,
and checklists as handouts so your clients can apply what they learn from you.
Add a Facebook group or private coaching upsell, and you’re ready to go!

Plus, after you’re done creating this workshop, you can keep selling it over and over
again as an online self-study course, or host it as a live event once a year.
Sell one at $997 or two at $497 to break even and begin to profit.

5. Host a VIP Day. VIP days are a great way for you to coach in-person locally or
somewhere exotic (get paid to vacation). You can use any Coach Glue content to create a marketing binder for your clients. Edit the documents with your business info and
brand, have the documents printed, and package them into a beautiful binder for your
clients.Then during your VIP day, you can work through the binder to plan and help your clients grow their business.
Sell one at $997 to break even or even charge more ($2997 to $4997) to profit.

Check out the VIP All Access club here.

Want to Pay yourself Back on your Investment THIS MONTH and 10x It This Year?
Here’s an idea.Combine the above…If you want to break even and then some, we
suggest you mix these items together into a higher-level program.

For instance, create a $12k coaching package and have your clients pay you
$1000/month to get access to ALL of the following: Your Membership Site Academy,
Your Group Coaching Program and Facebook Group, Your Workshops, Private Access to Call or Email You on a Regular Basis, A VIP Day

They created this program to help you fast-track your product creation so you can
start making money sooner. And as shown you, if you use the content and sell it to your clients, you can get back your investment in our VIP program in no time.
Everything else after that is profit! Excited about the possibilities?

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But if you want the most options, you do need to sign up for the VIP program before midnight at the end of day, March 24th, as all of the items shown below will disappear.
(You’ll still get them if you’re a member by then, but new people after the 24th will not.)
Don’t Wait. If you sign up after Sunday, March 24th, you will NOT get any of the
following….These Planners will be GONE.
These Workshops will be GONE.
These Teach Your Tribe Packages will be GONE.
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Thank YOU so much for all your support, I appreciate you!!

Kerri Lynn

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